Moroccan Design in all its Splendor at the Louvre Carrousel

For its 34th edition and under the evocative theme “Wonders of the Silk Road”, the Oriental Fashion Show has chosen this high place of art and culture of the French capital to present the most prestigious artistic creations of high fashion.

The stylist Samira Haddouchi gave an appointment to fashion amateurs and professionals to attend an exceptional and prestigious fashion show, at the confluence of culture and luxury, to present her prestigious 2020 high fashion collection with the great luxury designers.

Indeed, the international stylist attracted all eyes with her colorful collection. She exhibited her skills, blending tradition, refinement, elegance, modernity and originality together. As a true ambassador of traditional dress, the SH fashion house, through this fashion show, has given a new lease of life to Moroccan fashion design. In this collection, Samira Haddouchi’s creations present silhouettes wrapped in powdered velvets, prestigious brocades and shimmering silks. As always, the designer revisits the caftan and traditional outfits while preserving her Moroccan identity.

Talented and passionate about fashion, Samira Haddouchi has modernized the caftan while preserving its Moroccan identity. Throughout her career, she has dared all cuts, colors and styles. The fashion designer has been selected several times to participate in major national and international fashion shows. Her creations have attracted the attention of some of the biggest names in fashion and have been worn by some of the biggest stars, including the famous American singer Whitney Houston, the Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe and the Arab-Andalusian music icon Abderrahim Souiri .

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