Nader Ghazi: RedOne Opened the Way for us and Inspired us a lot

In a new episode of Nayda in Hollywood, the journalist Simo Benbachir welcomed music producer Nader Ghazi, a native of the city of Mohammedia who came to the United States at the age of 14 to realize his dream. A passionate music lover, he began playing the piano at the age of 5, when his grandfather bought him one and his parents discovered his talent and encouraged him to get involved in the music business.

Regarding the type of songs he produces, Nader Ghazi said that it is a new style characterized by a Moroccan-Arab touch, as well as mergers with many musical genres such as hip hop, pop, trap music, etc. He hopes to be able to spread this style in the United States.

And about his musical experience with Moroccan artist Ilya, Nader Ghazi said he is the only Moroccan singer he knows in the United States. The fact that the latter lives next door to him, facilitated their collaboration whose objective was to revise the distribution of Rai’s songs in such a way as to facilitate their universality, while raising the Moroccan flag in Hollywood. Thus, the project of the song “Habibi”, was born. Having required 7 months of work, this song is now available on different music platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

Nader Ghazi has also worked with American artists in Boston and Los Angeles. He has offered them different styles, always with an Arab-Moroccan touch, using instruments such as the oud or the flute, which are only known in Arab music, as he told Simo, adding that he is currently working on many artistic projects, including a video clip for the song “Dance” which suits nightclubs because it carries a lot of energy and vitality, in addition to the song “Veturing”, with a collaboration between the Moroccan singer Ilya and an American band.

And about his opinion about the international music producer, the Moroccan RedOne, Nader said that the latter has enabled a lot of people to be successful in the musical field. He said he has grown to love music and production since watching his work with Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, and has been inspired to persevere and realize his dream of winning a Grammy Award.

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