Morocco in the Spotlight at the Brussels International Book Fair

This great literary mass will be marked by the presence of writers, novelists and poets living in Morocco and Europe.

A rich program expects visitors to the 51st edition of the Brussels International Book Fair, which will honor Morocco from 5 to 8 March. The program of this prestigious fair, which will focus on Morocco’s rich literary and cultural production, was unveiled on Thursday at a press conference at the Moroccan-Flemish cultural center “Darna” in the Belgian capital, in the presence in particular of Morocco’s ambassador to Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Mohamed Ameur, and a range of writers, publishers and journalists.

Under the theme “Morocco is giving itself away”, the national participation in this literary grand mass will be marked by the presence of writers, novelists and poets living in Morocco and Europe who will present their works to the public and give their testimony on the dynamism of literary production in the Kingdom. For the organizers, the aim is to pay homage to a dynamic literature through beautiful encounters around experienced authors and young talents to be discovered.

Presenting the Moroccan participation in this fair, Hervé Gérard, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Brussels Book Fair, stressed that the Moroccan community in Belgium “constitutes a considerable contribution to the soul of a multicultural Belgium that gives this extraordinary richness and diversity to all forms of artistic and literary expression”. “The event pays homage to them through the presence of Morocco, the country honored this year, with a program that matches the enthusiasm of this great Kingdom with its bridges constantly built over the course of history with Europe so close, in this tolerance of all religions and philosophies”.

For his part, the Event’s Commissioner-General, Gregory Laurent, said that it was “a chance for the organizers and the public to discover a country so rich in diversity, to contemplate a mosaic of cultures and languages”. It is also “an opportunity to strengthen our ties, to unite us, and to browse these works that speak of a free and constantly evolving Morocco,” he continued.

It is also about expressing “our friendship with Morocco and celebrating a large community of Belgo-Moroccans who have built our regions and our culture,” added the general commissioner of the Book Fair.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Ameur stressed that the choice of Morocco is fully justified in view of the dynamism of the publishing and literary production sector in the Kingdom. “The development of publishing in Morocco is exceptional, as evidenced by the Casablanca Book Fair and the participation of the Kingdom in many fairs around the world,” the Moroccan ambassador said. “The honoring of Morocco is a tribute to Moroccan authors and the Moroccan diaspora who contribute remarkably to the influence and development of Belgium, but also to the efforts of the Kingdom in promoting culture, which has become a real driver of modernity, progress and development,” he added.

Presenting the national participation, Paul Dahan, commissioner of the Moroccan pavilion, said that the Kingdom is the first African, Arab and Maghreb country honored at the Brussels Book Fair after a remarkable presence in other events around the world. He said that Moroccan literary productions (2000 titles) will be present in five languages (Arabic, French, Amazigh, Dutch and Spanish), with more than 40 meetings, debates, shows, exhibitions, sessions for children and extra-mural activities.

A gigantic bookshop in the heart of Europe, the Brussels Book Fair has become, in 50 years, a major cultural event, with more than 72,000 visitors each year and several hundred exhibitors from France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Quebec.

Every year, the fair puts a foreign literary author in the spotlight. This 51st edition is placed under the theme “Book together”.

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