Ben Arfa Blows his Debut in Valladolid

Hatem Ben Arfa’s return to the field had been eagerly awaited for several months. The man who had not touched a ball since 12 May last year returned to the joys of a football match against Villareal this weekend. But he left everyone wanting more.

A temporary fatigue or a worrying sign of age? The bad performance recorded by Hatem Ben Arfa this weekend during the match of Liga between his new club, Real Valladolid, and Villareal (draw, a goal scored on both sides) questions on the side of the Spanish media, which has sounded the alarm on the lack of rhythm of the former French international, reports the site in an article published Sunday, February 9, 2020.

“For his first appearance in the Valladolid shirt, Hatem Ben Arfa showed a great lack of rhythm,” our colleagues are worried, recalling that the player was selected this weekend after a long period of technical unemployment. Ben Arfa has not touched a ball since May when he played for Rennes. “And it was obvious,” reports

Despite his difficult start, Ben Arfa still has the confidence of the Valladolid management. “He needed a boost from us so that he understands why he came here. You have to be patient to see the real Ben Arfa. It’s still a little premature. It will take time to find the player we all know,” said Pucelanos coach Sergio Gonzalez at the final whistle.

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