Israeli Buses Spark Controversy

Abdelaziz Omari, mayor of Casablanca, denied the existence of any agreement to import Israeli buses for public transport within the economic capital. He stated that what has been published on certain websites and disseminated on social networks is totally false, after the confirmation by sources close to the bus transport system in the territory of “Al Baïda” inter-municipal cooperation establishment, which manages the transport sector, of the non-existence of any agreement on the import of Israeli buses for public transport.

For its part, the website of the PJD, to which the Mayor of Casablanca belongs, published a similar clarification, denying what was reported by Moroccan sites that would have obtained this information from Italian media, including the newspaper “El Messagero”, which revealed the existence of an agreement relating to the transfer, in complete confidentiality, of second-hand Israeli buses to Morocco, following Italy’s rejection of these buses.

This information led to an angry reaction in social networks and accusations against the PJD, whose position was characterized by a double discourse, not to mention the return to the table of the debate on economic normalization with Israel, particularly in the light of the evolution of the Palestinian question and the announcement of the “deal of the century”.

In its issue of last Sunday, the Italian newspaper “El Messagero” mentioned that the urban transport agency in Rome has acquired 70 Israeli buses for the sum of 4.6 million euros. However, the local authorities have refused the entry of these buses on Italian soil because they are more than ten years old, and they belong to the category of polluting buses, according to the norms in force in the European Union, which, therefore, prohibits their entry into service.

The mayor, who refused to communicate with the national media, simply denied the allegations, published on his party’s website, without going into the details of the news reported by the Italian newspaper, or providing further explanations and clarifications on the suspicious agreement, especially as it was only released to the media several days after the publication of this information and the surrounding uproar.

It should be recalled that a few months ago, second-hand buses acquired by the “Al Baïda” inter-municipal cooperation establishment arrived at the port of this city from Europe in order to reduce the transport crisis that the economic capital is experiencing, but these buses buses will not be operational until the Head of Government has approved that agreement and all the legal procedures are completed, as confirmed by the mayor, in the Chamber of Councilors.

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