Eddie Cohen Tweets in Moroccan Darija

Eddie Cohen, adviser to the Israeli Prime Minister, tweets a post in his personal page, written in Moroccan dialect, in which he talks about the “Polisario” and Algeria and describes them as “chmayet” (bastards) in an attempt to get closer to Morocco, following news of an agreement under which Morocco approves the new peace plan, known in the media as the “deal of the century”, in exchange for US recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara, over Israeli mediation.

The adviser, who also works as a journalist, academic and researcher at the Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and Research, wrote in his tweet: “The State of Israel and America is always on Morocco’s side on the Sahara issue. The Palisario and the Algerian military, those French-speaking people, are bastards because they are jeopardizing the territorial integrity of their neighbors. Isn’t it said that neighbors owe each other good relations, and whoever has done wrong deserves to be punished”.

It should be noted that Eddie Cohen is not at his first glance at Morocco and Moroccans. A few days ago, he published photos of Moroccan soup on his page and expressed his great admiration for the culture of this country.

Eddie Cohen, known for his provocative tweets towards Arabs and Muslims, also published statements confirming a Moroccan-Israeli-American rapprochement about the “deal of the century”, just as he mentioned the opening of an Israeli embassy in Rabat in exchange for Washington’s opening of an embassy in the Moroccan Sahara.

Cohen, whose full name is Edward Haïm Cohen Halala, was born in Beirut in 1972. He left Lebanon to settle in Israel after his father was assassinated by Hezbollah. He studied Eastern cultures at Bar Ilan University, before specializing in Arab world issues.

He is fluent in Arabic. The Arab public knew him through his appearances on famous channels such as Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia, and through his controversial publications on Twitter.

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