Sufiane El Khalidy Gets a Role in a German Film

After his performance in the opus Riley Parra in which he played the role of Ridwan, an angel supposed to protect the heroine Riley, a role for which he was approached to perform as easily as naturally, he now moves on to a higher level. Indeed, Sufiane El Khalidy has just been given a new role.

The Moroccan will have to prove himself in the German production. Contacted by, the actor explains that he plays the “role of a commander of the Moroccan special forces rather ambiguous and mysterious in the new opus of the successful German franchise ”Die Zielfahnder”.

According to the artist, “this follow-up is once again written by screenwriter Rolf Basedow and produced by web TV and international Moroccan producer Karim Debbagh. Debbagh is known to have recently been producer for the Russo brothers, Terrence Mallick and Men In Black 3, and the filming for this project will take place in several countries including Germany and Morocco over the next few months,” says Soufiane.

After years of studying, working and shooting in Los Angeles in various American productions, Soufiane is proud to be able to realize his dream: “this film is my first in Morocco”. The young man says that he is also “on the shortlist of another big Hollywood production, but this time abroad”.

Things are going well for this lover of filmmaking, who says he wrote “his first action series with Moroccan heroes “Just Like You Imagined”, based very vaguely on the life of my father in the Moroccan army and members of my family who were part of the US Marines. “The pilot for this series is currently being processed but he has already won the semi-finalist award at the Los Angeles Cinefest in 2017, “and I am still looking for strong financial partners to produce it,” the Moroccan concludes.

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