2M Mag Takes you on a Tour of the Book and Publishing Fair (SIEL) Stands

Books are not the only companion of Monsef SAKHI during his visit to the Casablanca Book and Publishing Fair (SIEL). He will also be joined by Yousra TARIK and Soufiane CHAKKOUCHE who are among the guests of this 26th edition (6 to 16 February).

The show will reveal a new side of Yousra Tarik, the journalist and actress tests for the first time her writing skills at “al wahima”, her first novel in Arabic which is inspired by the daily lives of women in the Nador region.

Soufiane CHAKKOUCHE, will present his second novel. Entitled “Inspector Dalil in Paris”, it is a continuation of the adventures of the unusual policeman who, this time, will be confronted with new enigmas in the French capital.

During this visit, the two young authors will tell us about their novels, their tastes and their reading preferences.

We often talk about the writer, but what about the bookseller?

What is the role of the bookseller? What are the specificities of this profession and what are its difficulties? Why do Moroccans refuse to read, and therefore to buy books in bookshops? Is it really a dying profession? So many questions that 2M mag will try to answer with Amina MASNAOUI whose bookshop is located in Casablanca.

Also in this issue, a meeting with the Congolese comic book artist KHP, whose drawings and texts realistically depict the problems of Congolese society.

The show will also be an opportunity to discover a particular literary genre, the poetry “Haiku”, very short poems come from Japanese culture. Several “haikists” have chosen to settle in Morocco. Sameh Darwich is one of them. In an interview on the fringe of SIEL, we will discover the particularities of this poetry like no other.

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