An Ex-member of the British Boy Band One Direction Shoots his New Video Clip in the Moroccan Desert

Louis Tomlinson is amazed by the landscapes of Morocco. The ex-member of the British boy band, One Direction, has chosen to shoot his new video clip “Walls” in the Moroccan desert.

The clip shares two universes, the dance of couples and the landscapes of the Moroccan Sahara. The singer moves from one world to the other through a door and finds himself sitting on a chair in the middle of the desert.

The clip was released on 20 January and has already been seen more than 2 million times. “Walls” was co-written with the famous singer of the band Oasis, Noël Gallagher. The album was released on January 31. Several songs such as “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart”, “We Made It” or “Kill My Mind” are already known to the general public.

Tomlinson will begin his solo world tour on March 9 in Barcelona while the North American tour will begin on June 9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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