Morocco’s Highways on the Right Track

The structural changes initiated by ADM in recent years are paying off, the daily newspaper Aujourd’hui le Maroc tells us in its February 19 edition.

All the projects carried out by the operator are being consolidated. As the indicators for fiscal year 2018 confirm this trend. This performance was highlighted in the latest activity report of the Moroccan National Motorway Company (ADM). “2018 for the Société nationale des autoroutes du Maroc will have been the year of consolidation and acceleration of the structural changes initiated over the past three years and reflected the overall strategy of our company,” said Anouar Benaazzouz, the CEO of ADM.

ADM’s good health is illustrated by its financial strength. The results posted for fiscal year 2018 are satisfactory. This reflects the scope of the financial recovery plan initiated in 2016, which is based on cost optimization and rationalization. This effort has had a satisfactory impact on the recovery of ADM’s financial indicators.

It should be noted that the company has invested heavily in this digitization process on the “transformation” front. Digitization is, in fact, one of the main thrusts of the major industrialization project carried out by the company and involving the complete digitization and industrialization of the toll systems, as well as the maintenance and computerization of traffic management.

ADM’s industrialization project is supported by the “automation plan”, which includes programs to upgrade the telecommunications infrastructure, modernize toll plazas, develop the Jawaz electronic toll collection system, remote professions and the deployment of field equipment for traffic supervision.

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