“Moufletta”: A Famous Dish for “Mimouna”

The “Moufletta” is a Jewish pancake that resembles the “Msamen”, both in its form and in the way it is prepared. However, it is not folded in four. Moroccan Jews prepare it in particular for the celebration of “Mimouna”. It is often served to the guests one receives on the occasion of this feast, exchanging the expressions “Tarbah” or “Trabhou”.

“Moufletta” is served with butter, honey or jam. Sometimes nuts, pistachios and dried fruit are added, as well as Moroccan mint tea. Sometimes it is accompanied by well-known Jewish cakes.

“Moufletta” or “Mafletta” are terms frequently used in the cities of northern Morocco. In other regions, the term “Trid” is used to refer to the same pancake that Jews prepare for the Mimouna, although its preparation is not limited to this celebration alone.

The “Moufletta” is prepared with flour, oil and water. It is cooked in a special frying pan.

It should be noted that the “Mimouna” is a Moroccan Jewish holiday that has been exported to Israel and other countries around the world since the first years of immigration. Today it has become an official holiday which the Prime Minister of the Jewish State is keen to attend. It is celebrated in parks and public squares.

On the occasion of the “Mimouna”, which comes from the term “Mimoun” (good omen), Moroccan Jews go back to eating bread and its derivatives, after having been deprived of it during the whole week of Pessach, the Jewish Passover. They prepare a table filled with delicious cakes and dishes, in the middle of which the “Moufletta” takes a special place.

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