The Rkak: The Bread of the Jews on the Occasion of Pesach

Moroccan Jews are famous for the preparation of the bread called “Rkak”, on the occasion of the celebration of the Jewish Passover, or Pesach, which began on April 8 and will continue for eight days.

The Rkak is a permanent meal during this religious holiday, as Jews are not allowed to eat fermented bread. This bread reminds us of the exodus, when the Prophet Moses asked the Jews to go out at night in a hurry, without even waiting for their dough to rise.

Rkak is prepared with wheat and water in a way that does not allow the dough to ferment. Jewish families evacuate their homes of anything containing yeast as Passover approaches. This concerns all foods that contain wheat, oats, barley, etc., which are not allowed to ferment.

The Rkak or unfermented bread is called “Matzah” and is an integral part of the “Seder” table which is prepared during the feast of Passover.

Jews do not allow themselves to eat pastries and fermented food, except at the end on the last night of the festival, or “Mimouna”, which Jews celebrate in Morocco, together with their Muslim neighbors and friends. This is the night when the Jewish table is filled with tasty cakes and all kinds of fermented bread.

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