There Are no Sub-Saharan Africans Infected with Coronavirus in Nador

The Moroccan Ministry of Health on Sunday denied the rumor that a sub-Saharan student at the Multidisciplinary Faculty of Nador was infected with coronavirus.

In response to reports that a positive case of coronavirus was registered in a sub-Saharan student at the Multidisciplinary Faculty of the city of Nador, the ministry said in a statement that it was only a malicious rumor aimed at sowing panic and confusion among citizens.

The Department of Health reassures that to date, no case of coronavirus infection has been recorded, either in Nador or in other Moroccan cities, noting that the results of laboratory tests of the 13 suspected cases detected by the national system of monitoring and epidemiological supervision, proved negative to the new coronavirus.

The Ministry confirms that it will continue to communicate in full transparency with the national public opinion by informing them of all developments, as it has done since the beginning of this global health emergency.

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