Khadija Assad: Theater and Comedy Icon

Khadija Assad is one of the most prestigious stars and most representative actresses of the golden age. The Moroccan public has appreciated her since her first screen appearances, mainly because of her sense of humor, but also because she and her husband, the actor Aziz Saad-Allah, formed a wonderful duo that has given so much happiness to the Moroccans, for many years, thanks to their theater productions, television series and sitcoms.

Khadija Assad was born in Casablanca in the mid-50s. Passionate about theater, she joined the conservatory, where she spent 4 years of studies, graduating as an actress, allowing her to enter the world of theater through the front door, accompanied by Aziz Saad-Allah, her former classmate at the Institute, where the love story that united them had begun.

The Moroccan public got to know the couple Khadija and Aziz through the plays, comedy series and sitcoms they wrote and whose roles they played on the small screen, such as the “Caricature” series, before founding, in the early 1980s, their troupe “Théâtre 80”, which presented the Moroccan public with works inspired by their daily lives, but illuminated with so many comic strips, thus helping to strengthen their reputation.

Khadija Assad has presented several successful works, including the play “Kosta Ya Watan”, and the television series “Lalla Fatima”, which recorded high audience ratings when it was broadcast on 2M during Ramadan, and was among the most brilliant and important works of the Assad-Saad-Allah duo on television.

Her film “Number One” (2009) was also as successful as the series “Machi Bhalhoum” (2018) and “Bent Baladi” (2009), with the participation of Moroccan star Hatem Amor. They also presented several seasons of the show “Lalla laaroussa”, which was very well attended by the Moroccan public.

After years of glory, the duo Aziz and Khadija left Morocco in 2003 to Canada. But despite their remoteness from their homeland, they did not turn away from their passion and their audience. Thus, they have given numerous shows to the Moroccan community in Canada and the United States. Khadija Assad participated in many television shows in Canada before returning to Morocco in 2008. Today, and after opening a restaurant in Bouskoura, they live between the two countries.

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