Khaoula Moujahid Releases a New Single

Khaoula Moujahid, under her new artist name Jaylann, released a new single entitled “chi wqat” performed as a duet with Abdelilah Arraf, also known as “Beethoven”. With this new track, the two stars express their compassion for people going through difficult times in their lives, highlighting the psychological states characterizing depressive episodes that can occur at different stages in life.

“Chi wqat” is one of the nine tracks on her forthcoming album, “Ghetto”, in which she seeks to express the moments of sadness, anxiety and confusion experienced by people as they confront life’s ups and downs,” Jaylann said in numerous statements to the press.

Six days after its release on Youtube, the video surpassed 2.6 million views and had more than 79,000 fans who reacted positively to its interpretation and direction.

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