“State of Emergency”: Artists Concerned for the Future of Earth and Mankind

The exhibition space of the Es-Saadi Palace hosts, until the end of June, a beautiful collection of plastic works by artists known for their humanitarian commitment. Organized by “Es Saadi Marrakech Resort” with the assistance of “the Comptoir des mines Galerie” and under the supervision of Hicham Daoudi, this event was marked, during its opening, by the presence of eminent personalities, including gallery owners, collectors, among others enthusiasts of the plastic arts.

Many people made the trip to the exhibition space of the Es-Saadi Palace to admire a beautiful collection of plastic works by artists who have left their mark on the history of plastic arts in Morocco. They are Mariam Abouzid Souali, Mustapha Akrim, Aziz Abou Ali, Mohamed Arejdal, Younes Atbane, Saad Ben Cheffaj, Mahi Binebine, Hassan Bourkia, Amine El Gotaibi, Mohammed Kacimi, Boujemâa Lakhdar, Youssef Nabil, Khalil Nemmaoui, Shirin Neshat and Hassan Slaoui. This time, it is around the theme “State of Emergency” that these artists have gathered to say: “Enough” to certain behaviors that are dangerous for the Earth and for human beings.

The choice of this theme is not accidental, as Hicham Daoudi pointed out, “because we are living in an era when the indicators of community life are turning red. Add to this the climatic and ecological problems, health disasters, human dignity that is no longer respected. Many projects and plastic experiences evoke this state of emergency, through an awareness that tends towards a change in humanitarian practices. Hence the selection of these artists known for their commitment to such causes. There are visual artists from the French Comptoir des mines and others with international reputations who deal with these concerns, of which are man-made,” says Hicham Daoudi.

We should note that this exhibition invites very serious reflection on this issue, in order to help stop this drain, through awareness and sensitization. This is especially the message that Elisabeth Bauchet-Bouhlal, CEO of Es Saadi Marrakech Resort, a great art lover and friend of the painters, also aspires to convey. She was very delighted by the choice of these artists.

“The poetry of contemporary artistic expressions is a way for me to share the concerns of the artists I love to work with. Over time, these concerns have become mine. Thus, I like to echo their messages, which are a reflection of our humanity constantly confronted with the upheavals of the world. Having always been committed to questions of ecology, the preservation of minority cultural identities and human dignity, the “State of Emergency” exhibition today reflects my feelings about a certain state of the world. It is the promise of resistance for a common future,” explains Elisabeth Bauchet-Bouhlal, whose passion for the plastic arts has led her to assemble a major collection of contemporary Moroccan works from the 1950s to the present day, while actively supporting Moroccan creators and hosting plastic arts events such as the Marrakech Art Fair or sales of contemporary art by young artists. her motto is to “bring art to life through the eyes of others”.

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