A Moroccan at the Head of the Confederation of African Leather Industries

This assembly, which brought together the 11 founding countries, also saw the election of Senegalese Sory Kaba as Secretary General of the confederation.

Coafric will work to develop business opportunities between the different founding countries of the confederation.

For the next three years, the confederation’s action plan has three objectives, six results and sixteen actions. These include the strengthening of the existing institutional mechanism in the different member countries of the confederation and the setting up of modern tanneries for a quality treatment of skins.

The creation of this confederation was also motivated by the nonexistence of an organized framework at the continental level whose mission is to promote and modernize ancestral trades in the leather sector and by the importance of a sustained dynamic of public-private partnerships (PPP) in the socio-economic development of the continent.

The main missions of this new structure will be to support and develop a multifaceted partnership between Coafric’s members and to organize in each member country a national federation of leather trades, in case it does not exist there.

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