Yamita, the New 100% Moroccan Snacking Concept

Eating on the go doesn’t necessarily mean junk food, as Yamita proves so well. A 100% Moroccan snacking concept offering a selection of a variety of sandwiches and “So yummy” wraps.

Work, a trip, appointments … your lunch break is often shortened for many reasons, but that does not mean you should skip lunch or fall back on fast food. Yamita brightens up our lunch time with its tasty creations. Forget preservatives and processed products! Yamita’s club sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients and packed in airtight trays to preserve the quality and flavors of its delicious triangles in six recipes, including tagine-style chicken, tuna with fresh cheese or sardine with grilled vegetables. Yamita also means tender wraps. You’ll love the smoothness of the smoked salmon wrap with its delicate cottage cheese and cucumber sauce. Chicken addicts will have the choice between chicken chawarma and chicken caesar. Delicious, convenient and well-balanced, Yamita sandwiches are the new reflex to adopt for your express meals.

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