André Azoulay Honored in Andalusia

In front of more than a thousand personalities gathered on Friday at the Maenstraza Grand Theater in Seville, the president of the Andalusian government, Juan Manuel Moreno, awarded the Royal Councillor, André Azoulay, the Gold Medal of Andalusia for his ” exceptional commitment to solidarity and harmony and for his pioneering approach at the head of the Foundation of Three Cultures which, for more than 20 years, has brought together Morocco, Spain and Andalusia to tell the world the art of living together “.

Being the most prestigious distinction of Andalusia, this medal has taken on a highly solemn character this year in the context of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Declaration of Andalusian Autonomy and it is in this regard that the President of Andalusia wished to emphasize that his government has chosen to “salute and distinguish the career of André Azoulay, who has worked for years for friendship, understanding and mutual respect between Morocco, Andalusia and Spain”.

Before receiving his medal from the hands of President Moreno, who had at his side the President of the Andalusian Parliament, Azoulay recalled “the historic and visionary decision of Morocco which, in the mid-1990s, proposed to Spain and Andalusia to come together to create the Foundation of Three Cultures and to make it the institution of reference, the space of resilience and resistance to the dangers of the cultural and social fracture that was already looming all around us”.

“History has proved Morocco right and it is to my King and my Country that I dedicate today from Seville the medal awarded to me,” added Azoulay before concluding by stressing that in a time and space where the Community of Nations is still in search of landmarks, Morocco has placed the richness and depth of its cultural and spiritual diversity at the heart of the modernity of its society, thus giving full legitimacy and purpose to the Foundation of the Three Cultures and its influence in the Euro-Mediterranean area and in the world.

The ceremony was attended by almost all the members of the Andalusian government, Karima Benyaich, Morocco’s Ambassador to Spain, the Moroccan Consuls General in Seville and Algeciras, the presidents of the major Andalusian universities, a large number of business leaders, as well as the most outstanding representatives of the Spanish and Andalusian media community.

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