Franco-Moroccan Syan Luka Juggles between Theater, Cinema and the Small Screen

Passionate and daring, the young Franco-Moroccan actor Soufiane Aït brilliantly manages to juggle between the stage, television and the big screen. His fans know him mainly as Syan Luka. He had captivated them in the Canal Plus series “Guyane”. He plays the role of a Brazilian. To play this character, Syan Luka learns Brazilian Portuguese. The artist does not hesitate to take up challenges and sharpen his talents to be worthy of his roles and his audience. Soufiane Aït likes to play a dangerous and powerful role. The artist has learned from a young age to face obstacles. His love for the art of the stage contributes a lot to make this happen. ” I had just left the Sahara and arrived in France. I couldn’t speak French at the time. There was a collection of VHS tapes in the house where I lived. That was my first contact with images. I was literally hypnotized. As I was limited by language, I was alert and receptive to everything the films offered, beyond the words: what the setting suggested, what the music told,” admits this actor who left his hometown, Zagora, because of a health problem. The man who learned French by memorizing Walt Disney’s lines lived between foster families and homes and started working very early on. He signed up in Paris for classes with a famous teacher who had discovered Gérard Depardieu, Isabelle Huppert, Fabrice Lucchini and Daniel Auteuil”.

Soufiane Aït’s career is far from being a dull one. He joined several artistic families: theater, small screen and cinema. He has just finished the play “J’appelle mes frères” by Jonas Hassen Khemiri (Obie Award Winner). The public will be able to see him at the end of the year on the big screen in a French feature film with Aline Bendahar. The actor is also working on a novel that he plans to release later this year.

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