Coronavirus: Sports Events Might Be Canceled in Morocco

The national piloting committee set up since the declaration of cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome due to VIDOC-19 announced on Sunday that it continues to monitor the epidemiological situation internationally and that additional measures would be undertaken if necessary.

“While recalling that no case of the disease has been detected in our country, the committee assures that it continues to monitor the epidemiological situation internationally and that additional measures would be undertaken eventually,” said a statement from the committee.

These measures include “the postponing sports and cultural events scheduled in our country, the cancellation of mass gatherings and the management of travel to and from countries with a community spread” (see list published and regularly updated on the website of the Ministry of Health, the same source adds.

The Government is already calling on all travelers returning from these countries to avoid attending mass gatherings, to monitor their temperature daily for 14 days and to consult a health facility as soon as any signs of illness appear.

In addition to the preventive actions that would be adopted, a “stronger contribution” from citizens is strongly recommended, through compliance with the general hygiene measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, according to the national piloting committee.

These include frequent hand washing with soap and water or, failing that, the use of a disinfectant, covering the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a disposable handkerchief, if not by the handle of the forearm, avoiding touching the nose or mouth with unwashed hands, and avoiding close contact with people suffering from respiratory infections.

These measures include continuous good air circulation in communal areas (homes, workplaces, schools, mosques), deferring unnecessary travel to areas where human-to-human transmission of COVID-19 occurs, consulting the nearest health facility if fever with respiratory signs occurs, and informing the physician of possible exposure circumstances.

Since the declaration of cases of COVID-19, the national piloting committee and provincial and regional committees, including the various departments and services concerned, have been set up to ensure coordination of actions to prevent the risk of spreading the new virus on national territory.

The main measures put in place to date relate to the strengthening of the national epidemiological surveillance system and virological diagnostic systems, the reinforcement of the reception capacity of hospital units and the establishment of a reference hospital in each region of the Kingdom for the management of possible cases of disease, in addition to the introduction of health controls at international ports and airports and at terrestrial entry points, with a view to the early detection of any possible imported cases and to stop the spread of the virus, if necessary.

In addition, a dedicated space for the disease has been set up on the website and social network accounts of the Ministry of Health and the business number “Hello Watch – 0801004747” has been launched for further information on the coronavirus.

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