Ary Abittan Is on Tour in Morocco

French comedian and actor Ary Abittan returns to Morocco for a tour for his show “My Story”. Alone on stage, the actor and comedian tells his life story, adventures and experiences, always with humor and enthusiasm. He will be at the Palais des Congrès in Marrakech on March 19th, at the Megarama in Casablanca on March 20th, and at the Mohammed V National Theater in Rabat on March 21st.

Born in Paris to a Tunisian mother and a Moroccan father, Ary Abittan grew up in the town of Sarcelles, where he began performing in small shows in 1998 before working with well-known artists such as Enrico Macias, Gad Elmaleh and Élie Sémoun.

At the same time, Ary Abittan plays one of the main roles in the series “Nos années pension”. In 2008, he began his career on the big screen with Alexandre Arcady’s comedy “Tu peux garder un secret? before appearing in Laurent Jaoui’s “La Traque”, Oliver Nakache’s “Tellement proches” and Gad Elmaleh’s film “Coco”. 

Ary Abittan’s success in the cinema went on and on. He recently starred in “Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu ?”, which attracted more than 12 million cinema-goers. He has also appeared in ” Débarquement immédiat” and “À bras ouverts” by the same director, Philippe de Chauveron, as well as in “Les Visiteurs : la Révolution”.

Full of energy, Ary Abittan marked his return to the stage with his rather autobiographical show, “My Story”. As the title suggests, Ary Abittan went back over the different parts of his life and shared with the audience his childhood, his marriage, his divorce, his bachelorhood, his reconstructed family and his children. Ary Abittan’s show is a mix of laughter, madness and emotion. 

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