Israel Participates in the Conference on Terrorism in Marrakesh

Israel participated in the conference on counter-terrorism held in Marrakech last week, according to the Hebrew newspaper “Times of Israel”. The official Moroccan authorities, for their part, did not mention this participation, which is likely to upset opponents of any normalization with the State of Israel.

The source from which the newspaper obtained the news was the US State Department, which reported on the participation of an Israeli delegation in the conference on terrorism in Marrakesh, an event attended by 55 countries, including Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen.

The Hebrew newspaper reported that Israel participated in the conference “actively”, adding that for security reasons, the government prevented the disclosure of the name of the official who took part in the conference. The official in question was Dana Benvenisti, an Israeli Foreign Ministry official and head of the regional security and counter-terrorism division. She told the newspaper: “Last week’s summit in Morocco is another sign of the growing ties between the Jewish state and the Arab world. “The Marrakesh conference was another opportunity to meet with delegations from countries we don’t usually meet with,” she added. I can say that I sensed some tension against us on the part of the Arab countries, but there is a growing desire on their part to participate in the meetings that Israelis attend. They really see Israel as a partner to discuss issues related to the conference. »

And while the various participants in the conference discussed the continuing danger posed by al-Qaida and some of its affiliated groups, while proposing a series of measures to counter the threat to global stability and security, Israel chose to incriminate Iran and Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah and hold them responsible for terrorism, its financing and the resulting threats.

In the declaration issued at the end of the Marrakesh Conference, the countries and organizations that took part recognized “the shifting nature of the threat posed by Al Qaeda”, subscribing to several principles aimed at consolidating “collective cooperation on the part of the participants in order to implement a comprehensive approach against the continuous and increasingly developed transformation of Al Qaeda”.

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