Moroccan Jews Postpone the “Hiloula” and Ban Visits to Nursing Homes

As part of preventive measures against the Coronavirus, the Council of Jewish Communities in Morocco decided to postpone the date of the “Hiloula” in Meknes, initially scheduled for 11 and 12 May, especially since this occasion is being attended by many Jews from all over the world, given that a circular from the Ministry of the Interior has banned the organization of all demonstrations that bring together more than a thousand people, with the exception of the “Moussems”, of which the “Hiloula” is a part.

This decision was taken at a Council meeting held last weekend under the chairmanship of Serge Berdugo, which was devoted to examining the various precautionary measures that can be taken to prevent the virus. The Council also banned visits to nursing homes that house the elderly, who are most at risk of dying from Corona.

The Council consulted a number of rabbis, supervisors of synagogues and Jewish schools, event organizers and officials responsible for the organization of the “Hiloula”, before proposing a number of preventive measures against the virus, including postponing or canceling all religious and cultural events whose dates are approaching, the possibility of closing schools affiliated to the Israeli League, and forcing students who were traveling to stay at home and not attend classes, or to provide a medical certificate proving that they are in good health.

The Council recommended that participants in religious ceremonies where there is a large number of Jews participating, put on masks or stay indoors in case they get the flu, do not exchange cups and plates of food, especially on “Shabbat”, avoid handshakes and kisses (including those on religious books), wash their hands frequently and stay home if they feel hot, cough, or have difficulty breathing.

The council will assign a toll-free number to the Jewish community residing in Morocco in order to exchange information about the virus.

At the time of writing, Morocco has recorded two new infections with the Corona virus. These are the wife and daughter of the French tourist who was staying in one of the most luxurious hotels in Marrakech and who was transferred to the health unit “Mamounia”, equipped with the most modern technology since Morocco organized the “Cop 22”. On Tuesday, Morocco announced the death of the first case of Coronavirus infection. It is the elderly woman who came to Morocco from Italy.

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