Sanitary Masks and Hydro-Alcoholic Gels: Moroccan Government Decides to Regulate Prices

As part of the preventive measures taken against the outbreak of the new Coronavirus “Covid19 “, the government has decided to regulate prices and control the distribution channels for sanitary masks and hydro-alcoholic gels.

This decision comes after a meeting held on Saturday of the Inter-ministerial Price Commission, under the chairmanship of the Department of General Affairs and Governance of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform, to review the availability of sanitary masks and hydro-alcoholic gels and their selling prices, according to a press release from the ministry.

“In order to combat speculation on the prices of these products, the government has decided to regulate their prices and control their distribution channels in order to make them available to citizens who need them,” the statement continues, adding that the maximum prices will be published in the Official Bulletin of Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Regarding the availability of the two products in the various dedicated outlets and the guarantee of their compliance with health standards, the government, through the services concerned, and in collaboration with professionals, ensures the supply of the necessary quantities of sanitary masks and hydro-alcoholic gels through the boosting of local production and the acceleration of administrative procedures of importation, the same source said.

And to recall that the use of sanitary masks is justified only in case of contamination by the disease. Frequent hand washing with soap and water remains sufficient for the prevention of this epidemic.

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