The General Directorate of National Security Combats Rumors about Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has caused the spread of numerous false news and rumors, which have caused panic among citizens, particularly on social networks, which have been overwhelmed with such “news” since the first case of infection in Morocco was recorded. An example of such rumors is the story of gangs of thieves who impersonate health workers and claim to be sent by the Ministry of Health to test for the virus.

This rumor, which spread quickly on social networks, notably “Facebook”, did not fail to alert the General Directorate of National Security, which, in a tweet on its official website, under the hashtag “false news”, has “denied the existence of gangs that would have impersonated health care workers in order to commit criminal acts”, stating in the same tweet that it “urges citizens not to interact with this false news that affects the sense of security, specifying that investigations are continuing to identify the individuals responsible for this fake news. »

In a press release distributed to the media, the DGSN stated that “In order to enlighten national public opinion, and to dispel the fears and apprehensions that could be caused by this false news, the DGSN specifies that its decentralized services have not recorded any crime of this kind, just as no Moroccan citizen, foreigner residing in Morocco or tourist, has submitted a complaint or notification of alleged crimes committed according to this procedure. »

It should be pointed out that, in order to combat rumors of this kind and as part of a judicial investigation, the DGSN has taken into custody an individual who spread false news via a loudspeaker in a Souk Larbaa district of Gharb about the spread of Coronavirus and urged citizens not to send their children to school, according to another DGSN tweet published on its official page.

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