Coronavirus: Customs Authorities Intercept 2 Million Masks

Customs recently seized over 2 million medical masks. The seized stock belongs to several exporting companies, the daily Assabah reported in its weekend edition of 21 and 22 March. This large consignment of masks was released for sale two days ago.

Of course, it is not a question of exporting them, but of marketing them on the national territory in coordination with the competent authorities according to procedures dictated by the interior and health ministries, the daily assures. Citing well-informed sources, Assabah stresses that the lifting of the embargo on the sale of these masks has been decided and will be done following a very strict protocol and instructions.

The daily explains that the competent authorities have informed the various interested parties, both public and private, about the availability of the masks, inviting them to express their needs in this regard. To do this, the delegations of the Ministry of Health, local authorities, companies delegated to manage the collection of urban waste as well as shopping centers wishing to acquire them will be able to inform the customs services in writing, specifying the number of masks requested and the degree of urgency of their order.

Once the orders have been validated, the batches requested will be loaded from Nouaceur airport for delivery to the purchasers. Assabah has learned that a month and a half ago, the customs services got their hands on a large quantity of masks when it was about to be exported. The exporting companies did not understand the reasons for the seizure at the time, claiming that they were acting legally and within the framework of contracts with foreign companies.

The exporters then understood the merits of this measure, after the supervisory ministry decided, by decree, to ban the export of these kinds of products for health emergency reasons, the daily affirms. These companies were therefore invited to direct their merchandise to the local market. 

Moreover, the daily explains, several communes have already expressed urgent needs for masks, notably for the municipal hygiene and forensic services. For their part, urban waste collection management companies have also expressed an equally urgent demand to be able to protect their staff. This is also the case for the delegations from the Ministry of Health, who report an immediate need to cover the pressing demand from doctors and nurses in public hospitals.

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