A Space to Shelter Minors Living on the Street and Protect them from Coronavirus

The association Moultaka Biladi for Citizenship has contributed to national efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic by getting involved in solidarity action parallel to the preventive measures put in place in Morocco to counter this virus.

Indeed, as part of the emergency health measures put in place in Morocco since 20 March, and in line with the action plan adopted by the local authorities in Casablanca, as well as in coordination with the National Mutual Aid Delegation in Casablanca, the association Moultaka Biladi for Citizenship has set up a space to receive minors living on the streets during this particularly difficult period.

This center has received 30 children aged 8 to 17 years, in coordination with the security and social authorities, and offers them a range of services to meet their needs.

The aim of this solidarity action is to set up a safe space to shelter these children during this difficult period that Morocco is going through, as is the case in all countries of the world, and to provide them with a set of basic services, including medical care, clothing and nutrition, as well as other educational services through which the association seeks to encourage these children to return to their homes or to resume a normal life after the end of the state of health emergency.

The Association of Angels of Hope for Social Welfare, together with other associations and various donors, have been working to ensure the success of this social initiative, which is being implemented under the supervision of the prefecture of the Casablanca-Anfa districts.

In addition, and in order to ease the suffering of the heads of families whose employers temporarily lost work during this period, the same association, in partnership with the association of angels of hope, distributed food to 250 families throughout the city of Casablanca.

It should be noted that the Moultaka Biladi Association for Citizenship was established on September 2, 2008, and that its head office is located in the prefecture of the Casablanca-Anfa districts, with branches in several regions of the Kingdom.

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