Coronavirus in Morocco: Beware of these Intoxications on Social Networks

The Coronavirus, which has caused thousands of deaths around the world, is at the origin of a huge flow of Fake news spread on social networks. Here is the separation between intoxication and correct information, for a better awareness.

A report from the Ministry of Health, disseminated on social networks, reports 99 cases. FALSE

The Home Office will track phone calls, text messages and WhatsApp messages to track fake news. FALSE

The deceased, infected with the Coronavirus, are not eligible for mortuary care. FALSE

The new Coronavirus (Covid-19) was created and patented by the Pasteur Institute. FALSE

Homemade masks are “effective” in protecting against the new Coronavirus (Covid-19). FALSE

86 confirmed cases of contamination with the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) have been recorded in Morocco. TRUE

Launch of the SMS service on the “1919” number dedicated to the citizens’ contribution to the Special Fund for the management of the Coronavirus pandemic. TRUE

Malicious sources have manipulated an internal video of disinfection of Royal Air Force personnel and equipment. TRUE

Morocco has “a sufficient stock to meet the national need for gas cylinders with an autonomy of 40 days”. TRUE

The domestic agri-food industry continues to ensure a normal and adequate supply of food products to the domestic market. TRUE

The Rabat-Salé tramway has adapted the frequency of circulation of its trains following the declaration of a state of health emergency and the restriction of traffic in the face of the Coronavirus. TRUE

China recorded, for the third consecutive day, no new cases of local contamination with Coronavirus. TRUE

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