Training Program by E-mail for Hamdallah and Amrabat

Forced into quarantine, football players still have to continue training. This is the case of Moroccans Abderrazzak Hamdallah and Nouredine Amrabat, who received their training program by e-mail in Saudi Arabia. .

As the football world faces the Coronavirus pandemic, many clubs have been forced to release their players so that they can remain remain home.  But the players will not have to stop playing sport. On the contrary, they must maintain their physical condition at all costs, and this is what several clubs around the world have understood, such as the Saudi club An-Nasr, reports the Al Akhbar newspaper on the weekend of 21 and 22 March.

An-Nasr, home to Moroccan duo Abderrazzak Hamdallah and Nouredine Amrabat, have invited their players to stay at home and respect the confinement imposed in Saudi Arabia. But to maintain the form of its players, the club has sent by email the calendar and training programs to the players so that they can follow them thoroughly at home, said our Arabic-speaking colleagues.

In addition to training sessions, players are also asked to follow a strict diet, while avoiding fatty food. The An-Nasr club is also taking advantage of the country’s isolation to carry out an extensive sterilization campaign on their training grounds, according to the Al Akhbar newspaper.

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