Rabbi Pinto Predicts the Coronavirus

Three months before the worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus began, Moroccan Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto predicted a major catastrophe that would spread to every country in the world. This took place during a Shabbat celebration that he presided over in New York and during which he gave a religious lecture for his followers..

This prediction by Pinto, a descendant of a family of rabbis known as miracle-workers, was mentioned in a letter that was read and shared by millions of his disciples around the world and was addressed to his closest collaborator. In it he said: “You know that we are very careful in what we say and what we command. On the Sabbath we had a nightmare that troubled us very much. It is a disaster that will soon strike the world. It will be similar to what happened with the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, or the events of September 11 in the United States. »

The rabbi, whose origins go back to Essaouira, called for unity in these difficult conditions, and asked all his disciples to get closer to God, just as he said in the same recording that the world will experience a memorable experience in the next few weeks, in the form of a catastrophe that will overwhelm it.

Rabbi Pinto is known for many supernatural facts, including the fact that a fire destroyed a hairdressing salon in the United States, without touching any of his books that were there and which remained intact. This strange event was reported at the time by many American media.

It should be noted that Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto is the grandson of Rabbi Haïm Pinto, known as a miracle-worker and whose reputation spread beyond the borders of Morocco to Europe and the Middle East. His residence in the Mellah of Essaouira became a Jewish synagogue bearing his name, and his tomb became a shrine to which Jews from all over the world flock in pilgrimage during the Hiloula to receive his blessings.

Last year, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto was appointed head of the Rabbinical Court of Casablanca, where he manages the affairs of the Jewish community residing in Morocco, whether in matters of marriage, divorce, inheritance, or Kashruth.

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