Morocco: Prices of the Most Consumed Products Remain “Stable”

The state of supply of national markets is “normal”, said on Thursday the Inter-ministerial Commission in charge of monitoring supply, prices and quality control, noting a “stability” in the prices of the majority of the most consumed products.

On the basis of data presented by the competent services of all ministerial departments concerned with supply, prices and monitoring, the commission noted, in a statement issued at the end of a meeting held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Reform of Administration – Department of General Affairs and Governance, that “the situation is normal and markets are supplied with all commodities” and this is thanks to the intense measures taken by all departments concerned in partnership with professionals.

At this meeting, devoted to monitoring the state of supply, commodity prices on national markets and the interventions of the control committees, the Commission recorded “stability” in the prices of most of the products most consumed in the last three days compared to the previous period, at the level of wholesale and retail markets, the press release says. Prices of some vegetables have fallen by between 5 and 15% compared to last week, the same source said.

Regarding the control of food prices and quality, the provincial and local joint control committees have controlled, during the period from March 1 to March 25 this year, 24,205 wholesale and retail stores and storage warehouses and recorded 596 infringements related to food prices and quality.

These included 390 violations relating to the failure to display prices, 122 relating to the failure to declare on invoices, 40 violations relating to the failure to comply with quality and hygiene standards, 33 relating to the illegal increase in prices set by law and three relating to secret storage, as well as 10 other violations, according to the statement which states that all legal measures have been taken against the violators.

Regarding the quality of products and foodstuffs stored or intended for sale, the joint committees seized and destroyed approximately 41 tons of products unfit for consumption.

The Commission has promised to continue to hold regular meetings to monitor developments in the market situation, supply and price levels, ensuring that it will take all legal measures and formalities to combat all forms of market fraud, monopoly, speculation and price manipulation.

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