No Cases of Coronavirus Have Been Recorded in Moroccan Prisons

The General Delegation for Prison Administration and Rehabilitation (DGAPR) on Thursday denied the accuracy of a voice recording posted on social networks, entitled “urgent and dangerous: Coronavirus invades prisons”, stating that the allegations are false and ” baseless”.

As a response, the DGAPR states that it has mobilized all its medical and paramedical staff and all its staff to protect the public health of prisoners and to ensure that the new Coronavirus is not transmitted to them, adding that it ensures, on a daily basis, that all prisons are disinfected to ensure general hygiene, in accordance with the preventive measures taken by Morocco to deal with the spread of this pandemic.

The DGAPR stresses that it has taken other precautions in this regard, including the suspension of family visits, “a measure welcomed by both prisoners and their families”, stating that all prisoners are allowed to communicate permanently with their relatives via dedicated landline telephones.

Prisoners are also allowed to receive money transfers to meet their needs for products available in the prison shops, since they all receive their meals regularly, prepared by a company specializing in this area, according to the same source.

The DGAPR also notes that any case of suspected new Coronavirus among prisoners is submitted for urgent laboratory analysis, stressing that no cases have been recorded to date.

It concludes that the author of this voice recording is not a prisoner and that the publication of such “allegations and lies” is intended only to spread fear and panic and to undermine the efforts of the DGAPR and its managers.

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