Admour HARIF – Rabbi Yoshiahu Yosef Pinto Shlita and the Coronavirus

The People of Israel have gone through very difficult times, with hard tests and sufferings since they have been a nation. These days we are in a period of the beginning of great damage, and great challenges, whatever they may be. Fear is felt everywhere, the angel of death is wandering in the world, his sword is exhausted, and we can only rest on Hashem, our Father in Heaven.

The Hatam Sofer Zequtsal teaches a lesson that makes one’s body shiver, in the verse “some are lost in the absence of any rule” Mishlehem (13:23), he explains that during an epidemic, even if the person hasn’t not yet been destined to die, if they approach someone who is infected, they could get infected and as well may die even if their timewas not supposed to come, yet.

That is why we must be very cautious to stay home, to respect the orders of the authorities. We must cling to our Father who is in Heaven with a broken heart, and that the Mitzvah that is coming, and it must be fulfilled.

Here are a few pieces of advice that we must take into consideration during these days, to preserve our body from the deadly pandemic:

1. Consume a large quantity of Courcôme. It is possible to put it in the food and consume it, as well as to take it as seed.

2. Drink lemon juice every day, minimum two lemons.

3. Add a lot of ginger.

4. In the evening, try to gargle Arak, anisette or Whisky for two minutes. (Be careful because Whisky is forbidden in Passover).

5. 5. Open your mouth every day facing the sun, in the same way that you do a throat treatment, for two minutes. The sun kills all bacteria and germs.

6. To take a sauna or shower with very hot water, which kills the microbe. You should try to do this several times a day.

7. Try to drink hot water, with a teaspoon of salt, try to get the water to cool down and make the starting up with this water, once a day for each member of the house.

With the help of Hashem, and the submission of our hearts to Hashem, we strive to be attached to Hashem, Hashem will save the world from the evil, and will soften the judgment.

“In the month of Nissan, we have been saved, and in the month of Nissan, we shall be saved,” the one who asks for peace for the world.

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