Morocco: Internet Users Launch “Weekend at Home!” Hashtag

On Facebook, Internet users have launched the hashtag #الويكاند_فالدار, “Weekend at home!”, an initiative that has been strongly supported and appreciated on the Moroccan Web.

For his part, Omar Cherkaoui, university professor and political scientist, the initiator of this hashtag, took it up on his official Facebook page. With a commentary clearly explaining the health and preventive reasons for this confinement at home during the end of the week.

“We are proposing the launch of a large-scale campaign to encourage people to stay at home over the weekend. Many doctors are warning that the end of this week, as well as next week, is decisive in the fight against the spread of the new Coronavirus in Morocco. All together, let’s respect the hashtag #The weekend at home! We will all stay home to preserve ourselves, our families and the entire country,” wrote Omar Cherkaoui.

The interaction concerning the initiative by the university professor and political scientist has had a wide echo on the Web and many Internet users have been quick to disseminate the hashtag, on a large scale, on social networks.

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