Amine Harit: The Moroccan and his Teammates Accept the Salary Cut

In order to help their club overcome the crisis, Amine Harit and his team-mates agreed to lower their salaries.

The initiative is spreading across Germany and across the European continent. The most of the players to agree to a reduction in their salaries are the Moroccan Amine Harit’s team-mates at Schalke 04. In order to compensate for the financial difficulties faced by the Gelsenkirchen club, like all the other teams, following the suspension of matches until 30 April, the players have reached an agreement with their management for a reduction in their salaries.  The aid was granted with a view to helping the club avoid a financial catastrophe during the Coronavirus crisis. 

In a press release, the German football club announced that David Wagner’s squad would withhold salaries and bonuses until 30 June 2020. With this initiative, the partners of the Atlas Lion Amine Harit will provide relief to the nearly 600 club employees during this extraordinary time. 

An agreement was reached with the management to: “partially waive their salaries and bonuses, and beyond, accept a postponement of the payment of part of the salaries until June 30” as it is stated on the website of the club. A saving of several million euros is thus expected.

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