Covid-19: The Consulate Reassures Moroccans in Italy

The Consulate General of Morocco in Milan said that since the beginning of the state of health emergency in the region of Lombardy, in the context of the current crisis and the exceptional circumstances related to the Coronavirus epidemic, “urgent measures” have been taken for the benefit of members of the Moroccan community residing in this region.

The Consulate states in a statement that these measures concern, in particular, the creation of a crisis unit which has made a special telephone number (0039320944511) available to respond to questions and requests from members of the Moroccan community and another telephone number (00393801993477) to report deaths in the region and take the necessary measures.

He also said that he had placed his consular team in a state of alert by dividing it into squads that carried out their work on a daily basis.

In this regard, and in order to reassure members of the Moroccan community and their families in Morocco, the Consulate affirms that, with regard to most of the deaths that have occurred, contacts have been established between the Moroccan Ambassador in Italy and their respective families to express condolences and compassion for their loss on behalf of the Moroccan community residing in Italy.

With regard to the requests for payment of burial expenses for the benefit of needy families, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad has reacted positively to all these requests, the same source continues.

The Consulate further emphasizes that “all the deceased were buried in Islamic cemeteries in accordance with the rituals and measures as recognized by Muslims and within the limits of what is legally permitted in this exceptional circumstance”, stating that “burial in Islamic cemeteries was made possible and without obstacles after the approval by the Mayor of Milan, who authorized the burial of the bodies of the deceased of the Muslim faith in the Islamic cemetery of Milan, including residents of other municipalities”.

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco calls upon “in these difficult circumstances, members of the Moroccan community to respect the measures of the state of emergency imposed to ensure their safety and to ensure that they obtain information and instructions in this regard from the competent authorities or by contacting the numbers at their disposal in order to avoid false rumors and misinformation”.

It also welcomed the role played by associations and civil society actors in the region, as well as their contribution to raising awareness among members of the Moroccan community of the importance of respecting precautionary measures and their support for the families of the victims of this pandemic.

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