Experts Recommend Vitamin C to Fight against Coronavirus

Many experts and pharmacists have recommended the consumption of vitamin C, whether in the form of medicines, nutritional supplements or foodstuffs, in particular because of its ability to strengthen the body’s immunity and to resist viruses, including Coronavirus.

In this regard, a pharmacist from Casablanca stressed that the immune system must be strong to be able to fight against all types of viruses, adding that “vitamin C is considered an immune fortifier and it is desirable to consume during this period, while consuming foods high in vitamin C. For him, there is no harm in taking nutritional supplements, stressing that the best way to prevent infection is to stay away from gatherings, wash your hands, avoid direct contact with people and follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization strictly”. He also recommended drinking plenty of water. 

The pharmacist also stressed the importance of having a healthy and balanced nutrition in order to strengthen the body’s immunity and its ability to fight viruses, explaining that some people have a physical make-up that does not allow them to enjoy the benefits of good nutrition, thus leading them to use nutritional supplements and various types of vitamins. This is called compensatory treatment.

Vitamin C is found in many foods such as turnips, broccoli, green beans, papaya, kiwi, oranges, strawberries, etc.

Many media have reported that vitamin C1000 is almost out of stock in Casablanca’s pharmacies, due to the fact that many citizens have recently purchased it after learning of its effectiveness in maintaining the body’s immunity against Coronavirus.

Pharmaceutical sources have confirmed that this drug is indeed not available in most pharmacies in Casablanca. Its affordable price has certainly played a role in this shortage. The box of 10 tablets does not exceed 15 Dirhams (1.4USD), while that of 20 tablets does not exceed 27 Dirhams (2.6USD) either.

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