Department of Justice Clears up the Pardon Process

The pardon procedure, granted by HM the king Mohammed VI, for the benefit of detainees has no impact on civil reparations since it concerns only judicial sentences, in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of the Dahir, said Tuesday the Ministry of Justice.

In a statement in reaction to a video recently broadcast on the web showing a woman making the link between the pardon granted to a detainee and her appeal for compensation, the department explains that Article 7 of the aforementioned Dahir states that ” the pardon, under no circumstances, does not infringe on the rights of individuals”. Hence the victim is entitled to request and receive compensation according to the procedures in force, it added.

Prisoners benefiting from this Royal Pardon were selected on the basis of human, social and strictly objective criteria, in accordance with the royal vision to limit the spread of the Coronavirus “COVID-19”.

Referring to the lists of beneficiaries of this exceptional Royal Pardon, the Ministry revealed that the prisoner in question was sentenced to 12 years in prison, of which he served more than two thirds, as well as having attended educational programs and shown good behavior.

According to the release, The Pardon focuses on those sentenced for criminal acts and not on innocent people, following a punishment philosophy aimed at rehabilitating and reintegrating inmates.

The Ministry of Justice said on Sunday that HM King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, granted a royal pardon for the benefit of 5,654 inmates and ordered to take all necessary measures to strengthen the protection of inmates within the penitentiary institutions, especially against the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic.

The inmates benefiting from this Royal Pardon were selected on the basis of strict human and objective criteria, taking into consideration their age, precarious state of health and the length of their detention, as well as the good manners, good behavior and discipline they have shown throughout their incarceration.

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