Harari Analyzes the Coronavirus Crisis

The Israeli historian and researcher Yuval Noah Harari believed that humanity today is facing a global crisis that could be the most important at this point in its history, and that the decisions that governments and citizens will make in the coming years will change the world.

The author of “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humanity”, the world’s best-selling book, stressed that this “storm” will pass and many of us will survive, but it will be in a different world.

In an article published in the “Financial Time” newspaper, Harari warned against the use of technology to detect cases of Coronavirus infection, as has been the case in countries such as China, because undemocratic countries and systems can use citizens’ personal health data to consolidate their tyranny. He said, “We have the right to health and privacy at the same time. Not by allowing totalitarian regimes that control people’s breath to take hold, but by empowering citizens and relying on their cooperation to counter the spread of the epidemic and trying to restore citizens’ trust in science, public authorities and the media. »

The history researcher, whose theories are highly controversial, called on countries to cooperate with each other and exchange data and information on the virus. He said in his article: “In order to defeat the virus, we need to share information internationally. This is the only advantage humanity has over this virus. Corona in China is the same as in the United States. So China must share with America all the information that could help it fight the virus. What an Italian doctor could discover in the morning would save the life of a citizen in Tehran in the evening. And instead of each country making efforts in isolation, all countries must unite their efforts for the benefit of all humanity. »

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