Mike Karoutchi Grieves for Coronavirus Victims among Moroccan Jews

The artist and musician Mike Karoutchi launched a song entitled “Sakhi Biya”, as a tribute to the Moroccan Jewish victims of the Coronavirus, who died recently, some of whom are friends of his.

The song, which has been widely shared on social networks as well as Moroccan Jewish pages and groups, was conceived by Mike Karoutchi, the Moroccan Jew living in Israel, as a tribute to the deceased and a tribute to the memory of the “Moroccan brothers”, as he wrote at the end of the video of the song, which also includes photos of the victims, including the businessman Arie Perez, his mother Simone Perez, and the artist Marcelo Botbol, etc.

The song, which was performed by Mike in Moroccan darija, is a popular style song, distributed in a modern way and with sad lyrics.

Mike is the older brother of the Moroccan Jewish singer Maxime Karoutchi and the artist Sami Karoutchi. All three belong to a well-known family of artists in Morocco. His father is the artist Hanania Karoutchi, who taught his children the fundamentals of music and singing.

It should be recalled that His Majesty King Mohammed VI appointed Mike Karoutchi as Honorary Ambassador for Culture and Education in 2014, alongside international Jewish artists such as the famous DJ David Guetta, singer Sapho and the comedian Gad Al Maleh.


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