Moulay Hafid El Alami: 82 Million Masks Have Been Produced and Sold in Morocco, and We Have Not Exported any Abroad

Moulay Hafid El Alami, Minister of Industry, Trade and the Green and Digital Economy, said that the number of masks (the 80-cent category) that were manufactured and sold in Morocco reached 81.9 million masks, most of which were for local consumption, and none of them were exported abroad.

Al-Alami added, in a statement to 2M, that Morocco manufactures 6.8 million masks a day from 17 factories, noting that every time he goes out on the street he finds that all citizens wear masks, despite the difficulties they encounter when they try to obtain them in pharmacies and shops.

With regard to the quality of the masks, the Minister pointed out that there are masks that could be washed and reused for a week. “300,000 masks of this type are manufactured daily, and we aim to reach one million masks in the future”, he said.

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