Repatriation: Spanish Nationals of Moroccan Origin Are Discriminated against

The Spanish Ombudsman has received a complaint filed by Spanish people of Moroccan origin, who cry out for discrimination during the repatriation operation of the Spanish nationals stranded abroad.

The Spanish of Moroccan origin make no secret of their dissatisfaction with the Spanish government’s management of the repatriation of Moroccans holding Spanish nationality.

This feeling of abandonment and discrimination was further reinforced after Arancha Gonzales Laya, Spanish Foreign Minister, appeared on Thursday before the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Lower House. Asked by the deputy representing the centrist group Ciudadanos about the fate of Spanish nationals of Moroccan origin waiting to be repatriated, the head of Spanish diplomacy remained evasive.

In her speech, Marta Llaguno, the Spanish deputy, did mention that she had been addressed by the Itran association, which defends the cause of binationals and Moroccans living in Spain.

The representative stressed that Morocco has no objection to their repatriation and that the ball is in the court of the Spanish authorities. As a response, the Spanish minister only pointed out that flights will be scheduled from this Monday, without explaining the reasons for the discrimination against Moroccan-Spanish people stuck in Morocco. Even worse, the chief diplomat did not react about the Moroccans settled on Iberian soil who are currently in Morocco, waiting for repatriation.

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