The Fez-Meknes Region Provides Shelter for the Homeless

In the Fez-Meknes region, the situation of confinement imposed due to the state of health emergency does not only concern the families who have their homes but also the homeless community.

Accordingly, the authorities of the Fez-Meknes Region have provided social assistance services for people living on the streets to protect them from the risk of the Coronavirus.

More specifically, efforts are being made to help the homeless to find accommodation in shelters and hostels. In the city of Meknes, a collective initiative has been established to take care of homeless people and those living in vulnerable conditions. This initiative, which is the outcome of a participatory process, involves the creation and development of two spaces to accommodate people living in difficult and precarious situations, particularly those without a home.

“This operation carried out in partnership with the Meknes prefecture and the delegation of the National Mutual Aid is in line with preventive measures to fight the new Coronavirus and is about the opening of the center to accommodate the homeless,” said Aziz Raki, the secretary general of the Moroccan Organization for Childhood and Youth.

In fact, no less than sixty people have been welcomed in this center, including elderly people, street children and people who have recently left the correctional institutions. For his part, the head of the office of the Moroccan League for Child Welfare, Adil Ounadir, said that this initiative, which has been joined by the Islamic Charity Association and several benefactors in the region, also concerns the use of the center (Lalla Asmae) to care for persons who are blocked in the city because of the declaration of the state of health emergency and for detainees who are released without being able to return to their homes for the same reason. The aim is also to help reduce the social impact of the epidemic through the distribution of food and the organization of cultural, educational and awareness-raising activities.

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