Coronavirus: The Wait for the Bi-Nationals Stranded in Morocco Is Extended

Things are intensifying as some of the Belgian-Moroccans have been waiting for their repatriation for more than five weeks. Brussels says it is coordinating all its efforts with Rabat, which has not yet given the green light for repatriation flights.

The patience of the Belgian-Moroccans stranded in Morocco, following the closure of the Moroccan borders due to the Coronavirus, is being put to the test. There are thousands of them, and their fate is sometimes dramatic as families are separated, sick people expect treatment and workers risk their jobs.

Acting upon instructions from Foreign Affairs in Brussels, which had negotiated with Morocco, the Belgian embassy in Rabat had worked hard to draw up a list of bi-nationals who met the criteria required by Rabat. The list – 1,700 people out of a total of 4,450 applications – was handed over to Rabat last week, but it has not yet given its approval. As a result, no plane has yet been able to leave Belgium to pick up the Belgians stranded in the Moroccan kingdom.

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