Amel Bent Heavily Criticized on the Internet

Previously, Jenifer was heavily criticized for her choices during the shows, however, it would seem that this time, in the eyes of the viewers, Amel Bent has taken over her role. Having already spoken out against her not keeping Sarah Schwab, this time they were outraged when they found that Ana had also been eliminated.

“How could Amel Bent eliminate Ana? She was able to win the season of The Voice, the vocals, the look, the personality, the talent, the stage presence… all this because she’s still young? Amel has simply let the only person who could have won the title.

 After reading all the comments it seems that Amel Bent excludes all the good candidates with great voices, however, the reason is that she is starting to realize that after this season of The Voice, her career is over because she has gotten old, or even the Worst coach of The Voice! Moreover, she’s separating from the best member in her team, Ana.

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