Rabbi Pinto Answers Your Questions

The confinement imposed on citizens around the world has not prevented Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto from communicating with his followers, be it through social networks where his accounts are followed by hundreds of thousands of fans, such as Instagram or Facebook, or through certain applications such as “Telegram”, through which he receives many questions and answers them in great detail.

Question of the day:

Date: 24.03.2020 .

Topic: family, Messiah, resurrection of the dead.

will the families stay together when Messiah comes?

The RAV’s answer: First of all, you should know that Messiah will come very soon and unexpectedly. To say that Messiah is here or there, as some people do, will only create confusion. His arrival depends on our preparation. There will be the resurrection of the dead, Moshe Rabenu will rise first, then Avraham Itshak and Yaakov and all the tzadikim and everyone will be able to see their ancestors again. We must clear our heads and no longer listen to all the nonsense that the devious people tell us, and just stick to what the Torah tells us in a pure way with a great love and fear of His Majesty, trusting that Messiah will come. We must not be afraid, the paralyzing fear is unhealthy.

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