Covid-19: Cheb Khaled Is Victim of a Rumor

Fake news spares no one! The target this time is Cheb Khaled, who has been targeted by these lawless individuals with evil and cowardly intentions. Accordingly, several pages on social networks have dared to claim that “the king of Raï” died a victim of Covid-19 in a private Parisian clinic.

As soon as these terrible rumors were spread, sources close to the singer’s family and friends responded to these fake news. Khaled’s health is excellent and he is in no way infected with the new Coronavirus.

However, despite the assumed “death” of the singer of “Aicha”, among other worldwide hits, Cheb Khaled many fans and admirers have been devastated by these fake news”. The latter expressed their tremendous grief at the news, but some of them nevertheless had enough presence of mind to make sure that the information was true.

It should be remembered that this isn’t the first time that rumors of Cheb Khaled’s death have been spreading. Other rumors had existed prior to today’s, in previous months they had announced the death of the “king of Raï” in a car accident and, another time, a natural death!

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