The Death of Sheikh Mouizo, an Icon of Jewish music

On Thursday, Mousa Attia passed away. the Moroccan Jewish artist Mousa Attia, known as Sheikh Mouizo, was an icon of Jewish song and music in Morocco and one of the greatest masters in his field.

Sheikh Mouizo came to life in Meknes. He started singing when he was 25 years old. He was known for his performance of popular songs and Malhoun. His repertoire is rich of more than 500 traditional songs from the Maghreb, as well as other songs written by himself, the most famous of which are “Tanjiya”, “Ma Kayan Kheir”, “Ibrahim Al-Khalil”, “A ibad Allah”, “A labnat” and “Ghazali houa Sababi”.

Generations of Moroccan Jews have been soothed by the songs of Sheikh Mouizo, who appeared at all weddings and events celebrated by Moroccan Jews. Moroccan Jews enjoyed his music so much that they took it with them when they migrated to various countries around the world.

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