The Way Google Trends Was Able to Reflect the New Behaviors of Moroccans

The digital agency ATIRAO ( recently published a study analyzing search trends extracted from Google Trends, over the period from February 27 to April 20, 2020.

Initially, we witnessed people rush to the supermarkets and various grocery stores to stock up on groceries and basic necessities (oil, flour, cans, etc.).

In the second phase, several companies have adopted teleworking, a new approach for some employees, which is why research on this issue has increased. We even found that the peak of research on “telework” occurred before the official announcement of the containment. This premature peak reveals an anticipation by Moroccan companies to ensure a good transition.

Next, companies have made arrangements to keep in touch with their employees. Therefore, one of the urgent needs of business leaders and managers was to provide their teams with the right tools in order to maintain the same rate of productivity. We have therefore noticed a real interest in professional communication tools, as well as tools that allow time management and information sharing. The flagship tools that are being used the most during this period are: Skype, Microsoft Team and Zoom, which recorded an increase of +1328% in requests. 

Social networks

Having a total of 43.35 million phones in Morocco and 25 million Internet users, Moroccans have a high consumption of social networks, including WhatsApp and Facebook. The former has experienced a +40% evolution in its trend because it is the means of communication of choice among Moroccans. It is used to stay in touch with family and friends, but it is also used for professional purposes. As for the second, it has become a source of information, which have increased strongly on this network. YouTube is also experiencing a strong increase in this period of confinement with +35% of visits.

In addition, Morocco has taken the decision to close all schools, universities and campuses. Many schools have decided to provide their courses via videoconferencing. We note that Moroccans began to be interested in distance learning courses from March 8, well before the announcement of the confinement.

Now that schools are closed, and work is being done at home, many families find themselves reunited 24 hours a day, whereas previously they only spent a few moments together. There has been an increase in the number of requests for “board games” such as Monopoly, which has risen by 354%, and coloring, which allows parents to keep their children occupied.

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